Premises liability is a term used to describe the legal responsibility that a landowner and the tenants of a property have for injuries and accidents that occur on their property. These types of cases are commonly referred to as “slip-and-falls.”

The Colorado Slip and Fall attorneys at The Malman Law Firm are experienced at winning slip-and-fall cases and claims filed for injuries resulting from:

  • defective property design;
  • equipment used on a property; and
  • from the result of a negligent property owner.

The Colorado slip and fall lawyers at the Malman Law Firm have over 40 years of proven experience representing injured victims in all kinds of slip-and-fall accidents.  Contact the Malman Law Firm today if you have questions regarding a slip-and-fall accident. We’re here to help. We’ll arrange to meet wherever it’s convenient for you. The Malman Law Firm will help you recover the damages you’re entitled to. Because we work on a contingency basis, you don’t have to pay until you have been compensated.