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Denver Truck Accident LawyerWith trucking regulators under severe budget constraints and the number of trucks on Colorado’s roads growing every year, truck accidents and the resulting devastation to innocent victims requires specialized legal experience.  We hear on the news quite often that a semi-tractor trailer truck has jackknifed, had a break failure, spilled hazardous material on the roadway, or otherwise caused a serious accident.  These accidents are scary enough, but when passenger vehicles are involved, the results can be devastating.  Family cars, and the people riding in them, are no match for the weight, size and destructive power of today’s larger freight trucks.  Our Denver truck accident attorneys devote every resource necessary to bring about a fair recovery for our clients who are the victims of a truck accident. We have a comprehensive understanding of the complicated issues involved in truck accident cases and the Department of Transportation’s regulations which govern them.

Why hire us?

At Malman Law Firm, we have extensive experience in successfully handling big-rig truck accident cases. Whether you have suffered a serious spinal injury, a closed head injury, the loss of a limb, an orthopedic injury or anything in between, we will be there for you. Our truck accident lawyers understand factors that can lead to trucking accidents, including driver fatigue from too much time on the road, improperly secured cargo, over-sized loads, brake failure due to improper maintenance, driver error, and a myriad of other issues. We understand tractor trailer accidents and will put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

What to do if you’re involved in a trucking accident

Truck accidents most frequently occur on busy roadways or major highways.  The most important thing to do is make sure you are in a safe place away from the flow of traffic before you even consider exiting your vehicle.  Then, if you can, gather information on witnesses to the trucking collision. Get their name, address and telephone number. Take note of which police department investigates the collision (i.e. City Police, County Sheriff, State Patrol, etc.), and get the card of an investigating officer if possible.  If you are well enough, take photos of the scene and anything on the truck that seems odd, out of place, or worn.  This information will be helpful when it is time to request a police report and if liability becomes an issue.
In almost every collision, there is physical trauma to a victim’s body which sometimes goes unnoticed in the hectic moments following a trucking accident. If an ambulance is offered, it may be best to go to the Emergency Room and get examined to ensure there are no hidden or internal injuries. Many times, adrenaline or shock will mask symptoms that later appear. Injuries and dangerous complications may be lessened if they are treated right away. The emergency room doctors will also give you advice regarding follow up care.

Once you are home and safe, it may be prudent to contact a personal injury attorney.  Especially in trucking accidents, there are many possible factors that could have contributed to the collision.  If evidence needs to be preserved on a truck (of improper maintenance, bald tires with too little tread, etc.), there may only be a short window of time to preserve that evidence before it disappears.  Contact an attorney quickly so they can get to work on the preservation of evidence before things are repaired or lost.  Large trucking and distribution companies usually are insured by even larger insurance companies. It is imperative to hire an aggressive, reliable and diligent Denver trucking accident lawyer. At Malman Law Firm, we know what it takes to level the playing field against the vast resources and manpower often afforded to such large companies. We have a proven track record and a 40 year history of obtaining large settlements and verdicts in these types of cases.

The truck accident attorneys at the Malman Law Firm aggressively pursue maximum compensation from negligent truck drivers and trucking companies. We are committed to using all necessary resources  to obtain the highest settlement or a trial verdict.

Contact a Denver truck accident lawyer at the Malman Law Firm today for an immediate and complimentary evaluation of your situation. Our attorneys are here to help you. We work on a contingency basis, so you won’t have to pay until you have been compensated.