Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

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Bad Faith Insurance LawyerA bad faith insurance claim should be handled by a well-qualified bad faith insurance lawyer.  Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. Because of this contract, your insurance carrier has agreed to act in “good faith” towards you. If your insurance company neglects this agreement by withholding the benefits of your policy, they are acting in “bad faith.”

Insurance companies can act in bad faith by:

  • Failing to promptly investigate a claim
  • Unreasonably withholding benefits of a claim
  • Deliberately delaying payments of a claim
  • Failing to reimburse you entirely for your loss
  • Interpreting or translating the language or terms of your policy unreasonably; and/or
  • Refusing to settle a case

Often we take for granted that since we faithfully pay our premiums every month, we will be covered when we need it most.   Unfortunately, some insurance companies will collect your premiums but will not fairly compensate or cover you when you you’re in need without a qualified lawyer who knows how to handle bad faith claims.  We will fight for the benefits you pay for and preserve your rights.

The Colorado bad faith insurance lawyers at Malman Law Firm pursue bad faith claims against big insurance companies throughout Colorado. If you feel your insurance company is failing to honor its contract with you, it is imperative to get a Colorado bad faith insurance lawyer who knows how to get results. We are those lawyers and we are here to help you with your bad faith insurance claim. Call or email Malman Law Firm today for a free consultation. We take cases on a contingency basis, so you don’t have to pay until you have been compensated.