Why Choose Us

Fort Collins Personal Injury Lawyer Jerome S. MalmanWhen you’re injured by someone’s negligence, you have the right to recover money for your injury, medical treatment, suffering, lost wages, household help, and more. Insurance companies are usually the ones that pay for these damages. Because they’ll be looking out for their own interests, insurance companies will want to pay as little as possible. To ensure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to, seek the help of a highly qualified, trustworthy experienced Loveland Personal Injury lawyers—like those found at Malman Law Firm.

Meet Our Legal Team

Malman Law Firm uses a team approach for handling its cases. Clients work closely with our Loveland personal injury lawyers and paralegal staff, each having years of experience in personal injury claims and litigation. All of us are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have during the phases of your case.

Highly Qualified

For over 30 years, Malman Law Firm has worked with many types of personal injury litigation. We’ve represented hundreds of clients in local, state and federal courts, safeguarding their interests with insurance companies.

From small to large, our experience includes managing all sizes of cases, including complicated cases representing multiple clients. We are proud to have represented injured individuals against some of America’s largest corporations, including Bristol Myers Squibb, Baxter, Chrysler, Coors, Dow Chemical, Dow Corning, Hyer Schulte, Mentor Corp. and State of Colorado.

While we’re no stranger to courtroom battles and large verdicts and settlements, we’re equally familiar with simpler things—even knowing the right person to contact or nudge with a letter. In other words, we are top experts in handling all types of personal injury cases, large and small, and have the depth of experience needed to secure your full rights and benefits.


Honesty is the foundation of Malman Law Firm. Our Loveland personal injury attorneys and staff are straight talkers, always giving honest answers. This means we present each and every case truthfully, whether presenting to an insurance adjuster, mediator, opposing counsel, or a judge and jury. An emphasis on honesty is what makes us one of the region’s leading personal injury law firms.


Setting a value on an injury is complicated. Some kinds of injury are more serious or have more lasting effects than others. As experienced personal injury lawyers, we are familiar with how much an injury may be worth and know when a settlement is fair. We know injury law and can save your from settling for much too little.

We also know a lot about insurance laws, including issues related to ERISA subrogation. We work with insurance companies on a daily basis to see that our clients’ claims are being processed and handled aggressively and promptly.


Almost all of our new clients come from referrals. That’s because we’ve earned a reputation for quality legal representation in personal injury cases. Our name is passed on by those who respect our knowledge and expertise, including some of the area’s most highly respected physicians and surgeons, investigators, economists, engineers, and accident reconstruction personnel.


You’ll feel the compassion and friendliness of our staff the moment you walk through our doors. All of our clients are treated with dignity, and receive a promise of our commitment to seeing that theirs needs are met. We handle each case the same way we would want the claims of our loved ones handled. We do this by:

Providing you with legal services in a timely fashion. Listening to your needs and concerns. Communicating legal terms in an understandable manner. Following up and communicating with you how litigation is progressing.


You’ll want aggressive legal representation to receive the maximum compensation for your injury. At the Malman Law Firm we have a well-earned reputation for providing aggressive, thoughtful legal counsel. We push your case forward and fight to maximize the value of your case.

Results Focused

We will treat your case like it’s our only case. We give you the very best we have to give, focusing on the results you’re after. This results-focused approach has been key to our track record of obtaining good results. See some of our previous Key Settlements/Verdicts.

If you have been injured due to the carelessness, negligence, or irresponsible behavior of another individual or organization, you probably have a valid personal injury claim. Most victims suffer some form of loss (be it income, physical, emotional, or other), and our legal system allows just a limited time within which to pursue such a claim. Contact our personal injury lawyers at Malman Law Firm immediately. Because we work on a contingency basis, you don’t have to pay until you have been compensated.